Software Development RFPs: Pros, Cons & How to Respond


This could entail making sure that all rules and legislation, such as anti-discrimination or laws, are followed. Businesses should also make sure the RFP is simple to understand and that all instructions and requirements are precise and unambiguous. IT experts are of much value in understanding and getting to know the problems and details. It can be installed on the company’s servers, or it can be hosted externally, on a cloud. It is important to know what is needed and express that need in the RFP.

project requirements

It describes the needs, goals, requirements, and budget of the future project to select subsequently the ideal supplier who can implement it. Each candidate in a software project proposal indicates how they would cope with your project, covering everything from the necessary resources to costs. These elements include costs, skillset, reputation, capabilities, and more. Afterward, companies create the actual RFP structure by listing the project requirements and specific information to ensure requisites are clearly and concisely conveyed.

Request for Proposal

If you enjoyed reading this article on how to write an RFP, you should check out this one about software development budget. The length of time it takes suppliers to respond to an RFP depends on the project’s complexity and its specifications. However, companies should normally give suppliers ample time to evaluate the RFP, perform their research, and put together a thorough bid. The structure of the evaluation criteria for RFP answers should be in line with the goals and specifications of the project or initiative. Businesses should carry out research to find possible vendors with a track record of delivering high-quality services or solutions before inviting them to reply to an RFP.

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For example, the data security and technical specifications sections should be reviewed by a stakeholder from IT because they have relevant experience and can provide valuable insights. It includes planning, stakeholder interviews, research and writing. Perhaps the most important part of the process, the time you invest in this step pays off throughout the rest of the project. As you develop an RFP, remember that the more thoughtful and thorough you are now, the better your vendor responses will be later.

Such requests are based on creating certain solutions without understanding whether they can be applied to solving the client’s problem. Comprehensive, covering project details, tech requirements, proposed solutions, pricing, and evaluation criteria. Our Solutions Architects bring you their perspective on how to write a solid proposal document for a new software development project. Here you can identify any requirements for technologies, methodologies, and tools that will be used for the project. For example, you might list the operating systems the software must work on.

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In many ways, for experienced software service providers such as Svitla Systems, the RFP becomes the statement of work for the contract and sets the tone for the entire project development process. This element is strongly related to project management because of technical requirements. In the RFP for software development, it is necessary to precisely describe what software and hardware infrastructure the company has and whether it is ready to upgrade it in any way. In addition, it is worth discussing the protection of intellectual property and data security. The software development company should answer these inquiries carefully. This element of the project scope is extremely important when it comes to securing activities for the future.

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RFP Management Software for Growth-Focused Companies.

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Supplier will assist in defining UX user stories along with product owners / client stakeholders. And you can always ask for a sample RFP for application development or web product building from Cleveroad’s IT consultants. We prioritize integrity in cooperation and focus on long-term and successful partnership, quality development, and delivery for the success of your product. First of all, you have to indicate your scope for budget, project completion dates, and resources’ constraints.


If needed, hire a content development agency to help you put together this document. If you are now looking for an IT company for your new project, then our highly qualified employees at DataxDev are ready to develop the software for your business. Additionally, you can indicate that you are ready to review the project’s cost if only the price raises questions from the candidate.

Typically, between three and five is a good number to target. If you’re not sure about a particular provider, consider using a request for information to get the details you need to make your decision. Whether it’s software that will be hosted on-premise or in a cloud-based environment, it is important to clarify which model is preferred for the nature of the software solution. As we have said, RFPs list all the requirements and needs of a project – but who exactly writes the request for proposal? Companies typically create RFPs for an upcoming project with an imminent need l for partnerships. An RFP for software development refers to primary documents compiled by the customer of the digital product.

  • We might surprise you, but there is no specific RFP for software development template to use.
  • There are quite a few types of requirements to include in your RFP.
  • Remember to keep your average user in mind and speak in a way they can understand.
  • Their 20+ programmers are experts in dedicated systems and web and mobile apps.
  • These meetings are typically bi-annual or annual and help maximizing the value of your partnership.
  • In addition, asking about the project management tools or suggesting your own ones without which you cannot imagine the process (e.g., Asana, Trello, or Slack) is essential.

If possible, limit the number of vendors you include in the RFP to six or fewer. Talk with stakeholders to learn about the problem, software needs, ideal solution and budget. News Read about the latest headlines involving our software, customers and company. Customer experience Discover why our experience sets us apart with customers and users. Financial servicesCollect the information you need to make bottom-line sourcing decisions. Respond to RFPs — Enable customer-facing teams to respond at the pace of customer expectation.

And you need to add information of the employee who will be the liaison between your firm and a vendor. For example, it could be you, the CEO, a team leader, a project manager, or someone else, depending on your vision. This person will be responsible for processing requests and suggestions from IT companies. In addition, your representative will discuss all suggestions with other team members and then prepare responses to them.

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You may have a short presentation or video about your company that reflects the essence of this RFP item. And it will be your perfect business card for new business partners. If you’re going to have all this power be simple enough, appealing enough and cool enough, it’s going to be because the software is right.


If you want to get RFPs to a specific e-mail, specify it in this section too. Think about what information you need from potential contractors to select the best one. Setting strict requirements for a bid structure will help you more easily compare all vendors’ responses and precisely see the drawbacks and benefits of each.

Final thoughts

All of this becomes much easier if the reason for writing the request is clear. It might not include every possible scenario, but any vendor would be happy to review an RFP that includes these sections. A clearly written request will show the vendor exactly what you are looking for and that you are determined to make it a success. Businesses should take the project’s scope, specifications, and expectations into account when establishing a budget, as well as any pertinent market circumstances. A formal document called an RFP, or Request for Proposal, specifies a company’s goals and specifications for a certain project or endeavor.

  • In this section, you should indicate the key steps and their dates when searching for and deciding to work with a software development company.
  • At this stage of the software development request for proposal, you should mention all the technical details that are essential for the project’s success.
  • RFP evaluation criteria — The considerations and requirements the vendors will be scored and evaluated by.

After scoring each rfp for software development, compare vendors side by side to narrow the field. If you’re using spreadsheets, you may find it helpful to create a single-page comparison, called a vendor comparison matrix, to review each vendor’s section score and total score. Once you’ve written your RFP, it’s time to select the vendors you want to invite to participate.

The goal is to persuade the reader that your proposed software development project solves their problems. As a result of discussing the RFP with the client, Svitla System sends a proposal response. If your company has many standard requests for RFP responses, you should leverage proposal response software. Please refer to this page to understand how to write an effective response to RFP.

While these processes are absolutely related, they are on opposite sides of the transaction process, and it’s not common to find them together in one integrated suite. Teams creating RFPs can connect with and share key information with internal and external stakeholders. Meet Eric, a software expert who has helped 1,534 companies select the right product for their needs.

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a brief description of them with software development RFP examples from real Cleveroad cases. The RFP refers to a process-oriented practice and some rigorous rules regarding the elements. In spite of this, many details vary depending on the timing, specifications, etc. Therefore, there are no strict requirements about what to include — just make sure it’s neither too much nor too little. It’s a kind of bridge between the expectations of one side and the capabilities of the other.

While procurement negotiation is admittedly intimidating, it can have huge benefits. Securing sign-off is often faster and easier with an RFP executive summary. Indeed, an RFP executive summary delivers an overview of the project, RFP process and results so that even someone unfamiliar with the background can feel confident in the decision. If your initial evaluation didn’t result in a clear winner, you’ll have to get more information. Identify your top contenders — ideally no more than three options. Then, notify unsuccessful vendors, and start gathering more information from your short list.

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This is where you list any potential discounts or deals, along with the cost of the project as a whole and how funds will be distributed. Next, we are going to show you a basic RFP template for software projects that can serve as a good starting point to customize at your will. Solicitation of bids through the RFP process to prospective software vendors/participants. Whether choosing providers to send an RFP or a winner from them, remember that your partner is here to help you get the best out of your software solution.

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